QIU PING 3D Wooden Music Box Mechanical Music Box Punk Rabbit Model B07HCYY8Z7

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  • Use safe and environmentally friendly wood from all-natural trees, without adding any toxins or glue, suitable for the safety of young children without having to worry about exposure to harmful chemicals or dyes.
  • Create a Valentine's Day gift for your lover, birthday or Christmas gift to your friends, mother, father, older children or any other family member who likes fans. Every girl or boy will love this cute puzzle, DIY music box.
  • Compared to general flat puzzles, 3D modeling puzzles are more challenging, and they are ideal for inspirig logical thinking and spatial imagination.
  • Laser cutting technology gives the mechanical music box a luxurious feel and refined tones. Crafted by the finest master craftsmen, it uses only traditional methods and techniques that have a long history to make it luxurious. All works are pre-cut, popped one by one under the help instructions, don't rush to force
  • The use of laser cutting technology, integration of steampunk elements, the emergence of the original hand crank box. This is a DIY wooden puzzle that will showcase the final look and components of a spacecar toy. Behind it, there are hidden switches and battery compartments to improve the aesthetics of the product.
Material : Wooden
Name: Punk Rabbit
Assembly size: 148*131*208mm
Music Ringtones: LITTLE BU NNY FOO FOO
Process: Laser cutting
Category: Music Box
Styling : Cartoon
Production method: semi-manual semi-mechanical
Packing: carton packaging
Brand Qiu Ping
Model NumberYMZ1809142

QIU PING 3D Wooden Music Box Mechanical Music Box Punk Rabbit Model B07HCYY8Z7

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